A sweet brunch at Rawr


I don’t know about you but when I surmise my weekend for the regular office chat on a Monday morning it usually centres around what I’ve eaten if the past 48 hours. By late morning on Saturday I’m on the hunt for good grub and this weekend was no different.  Continue reading “A sweet brunch at Rawr”

CATS The Musical


I headed along to the opening night of CATS at The Regent Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent on Monday evening and had mixed feelings of anticipation and curiosity. I had seen Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s world-famous production once before many years ago in France and had some sense of what it was all about but still couldn’t fathom an eloquent description of what the story entails other than “it’s about cats.” Suffice to say I was looking forward to seeing it and adding this classic production to my musical theatre repertoire.

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What I’ve learnt after a year of living with a boy.


This month marks one year of living with my fiancé, well, not really as we technically had a trial-run when we rented a tiny one bed flat in our final year of University but this past year we became home-owners and with a whole year of cohabiting under our belts I think we’ve come to know one another that little bit better and let me tell you, living in domestic bliss comes with its terms and conditions.

Here’s what I’ve learnt from one year living with a boy…

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Holidaying in my hometown


IMG_3182Until very recently I’d resided myself to the fact that I wouldn’t be going on holiday this year. With hitting the one year mark on buying our first home and a wedding in 2017, we knew that we’d be strapped for cash in between these two huge life events. So instead of wallowing in the fact that I wouldn’t be able to perform the summer ritual of panic-buying bikinis and not to mention my absolute need to join the gang over on Instagram with a giant pink flamingo inflatable I went about finding my own fun. Continue reading “Holidaying in my hometown”

THE REVIEW: Hairspray The Musical


The cast of Hairspray. Credit Ellie Kurttz (1).jpg.jpgYou know when you’ve seen a film but you can’t recall the storyline and would even be hard pushed to recall any character’s names but can still say that you enjoyed it and generally give it a thumbs up? Well that was my experience of Hairspray (2007, featuring Zac Efron for reference) up until last night. I went along to the Regent Theatre too see the stage production and I knew it was going to be good. But this was GOO-OOOD!

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The little big things


It is Sunday evening and I am soaking up the last few hours of my holiday before I return to work. I booked last week off with no plans, no actual holiday or destination to jet off to and no real reason for my work absence at all, expect to have some time to myself.

It has been the most joyous week.

I’ve written, read, eaten and done some wonderful things this past week and I’m really feeling refreshed and ready to get back into my routine. But before I do, I wanted to offer my own take on Emma’s “Small(ish) Things That Make Me Happier” which I just read and was the perfect little rounder-upper to my week off. (Is it just me who has to read something uplifting on a Sunday evening to set me off on the right foot?) So here’s my take on the small things which make happy.

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I kiss both my parents on the lips with pride

This appeared on The Telegraph February 2016


Sam Faiers, of the The Only Way Is Essex, launched her new TV show The Baby Diaries on Sunday night. But according to Twitter, no one was paying much attention to her – instead they were focused on her boyfriend and the father of their newborn son, Paul Knightley.

What had Paul done to warrant such attention?  Had he dropped the baby? Was he not doing his fair share of nappy changes?

No, he kissed his mother.

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