Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde Elle Woods .jpgLegally Blonde is one of a few productions I didn’t  know had yet made its way over to the stage. Having loved the 2001 film starring Reese Witherspoon I was so looking forward to seeing how this would be translated onto the stage.

Starring Lucie Jones as Elle Woods; the Delta Nu sorority girl whose mission is to make it to Harvard and win back her love, Warner Huntington lll after being dumped for being “too blonde”.

The stage production stays true to the cult movie and the musical numbers were so well written in my opinion with big songs such as Oh My God You Guys which opened the show and So Much Better. It seems so much and such accurate details were squeezed into  the production to tell the full story we’ve seen on screen from Elle struggling to fit into the new crowd at Harvard, to fitness guru Brooke performing a very impressive skipping routine (and still singing right on key).

Lucie Jones was so convincing as Malibu-born Elle that I only realised who she in fact was when I read the programme at the interval.

I loved this production and would definitely see it again as it continues its tour across the UK.

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