Oh what a night!

For me, the sign of a good night at the theatre is if you’re already playing the accompanying soundtrack in your car on the way home. Well this is exactly what happened last night after we saw Jersey Boys at the Regent Theatre.

Four Season

My knowledge of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons was limited to recognising Sherry,  Big Girls Don’t Cry and of course that uniquely pitched voice of Frankie Valli himself so seeing this stage production was very much a pleasant surprise for me as not only does it tell the tale of the forming of the band that would be the American equivalent to The Beatles from our side of the pond but also to learn just how many songs they had penned and how many I was able to sing along to never realising that I’d grown with many of these songs and never questioned who sang them.

Like any good story where a bunch of guys get lucky and make the big time, it always comes with its ups and downs and The Four Seasons went on that very same journey with their fair share of competitiveness and money problems along the way.

One of the highlights of the production for me was as we were approaching the interval and the boys first donned those famous red jackets and performed Sherry. You couldn’t;t help but have a big grin on your face as the whole audience was waiting for that moment; the grand reveal of what, after much trial and tribulation and swapping out of band members, The Four Seasons appeared on stage as the completed quartet and you could imagine what it would have felt like to be seeing the boys up there on stage for the first time all those years ago.

Michael Watson playing Frankie Valli was especially impressive to watch (and hear) as he effortlessly hit those high notes we were all waiting for and Simon Bailey as the founding band member and somewhat of a rogue, Tommy De Vito really captured the audiences attention throughout and really steered the performance on stage and interacted with the audience just enough to enjoy it but not distract from the performance.

Jersey Boys is running at The Regent Theatre until Saturday, February 17. To book your tickets take a look at www.atgtickets.com/venues/regent-theatre/ or call the box office on 0844 871 7649

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