The Commitments


While I’ve previously made it no secret of my slightly precarious attitude to seeing some of my favourite films adapted for the stage (The Lion King, Dirty Dancing, Billy Elliot) for risk of seeing something I love in an unfamiliar light, I have an altogether different stance on seeing productions I know little or nothing of and I welcome these invites to discover new shows, characters and who knows, even new favourites to add to my theatrical repertoire. Continue reading “The Commitments”

Dirty Dancing On Stage

credit: @DDOnStage twitter

Dirty Dancing is one of those films that everybody has seen, at least a dozen times. And if you haven’t, well, just HOW? It’s a firm favourite of mine because it has all the elements you want in any sort of entertainment; it’s fun, it’s sexy and it’s so easy to get swept up into. Seeing Dirty Dancing on the stage amplified these factors one hundred times over.

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