Holidaying in my hometown


IMG_3182Until very recently I’d resided myself to the fact that I wouldn’t be going on holiday this year. With hitting the one year mark on buying our first home and a wedding in 2017, we knew that we’d be strapped for cash in between these two huge life events. So instead of wallowing in the fact that I wouldn’t be able to perform the summer ritual of panic-buying bikinis and not to mention my absolute need to join the gang over on Instagram with a giant pink flamingo inflatable I went about finding my own fun.

Last weekend I headed over to Etruria Canal Festival with my family as we have our own narrowboat, Maddison  (which we also hire out if you’re looking for a canal holiday in Staffordshire had to plug it) and the weather was so good it was the perfect excuse to spend the day outdoors.





When we moved into our own house last summer we weren’t entirely familiar with the area and coming from the countryside which was practically in the middle of nowhere I was dubious about finding somewhere equally as pretty to stroll around as the old country lanes where I used to live but we found the cutest park which takes five minutes to drive to and we love walking around here. After the festival we made a detour to the shops to pick up ice lollies and cake and we walked through the park. 


It’s so picturesque. Seriously, how is this in the industrial city of Stoke-on-Trent? 





We finished Sunday evening back at my parents’ and I felt thoroughly refreshed and suitable flushed from sitting out in the garden where I caught the sun. When I showered that night my skin had the familiar feeling you get from a day at the beach- hot, tight and I could afford to run the water a little cooler as I was radiating heat. My vaca-day spent in my own town was really lovely and it goes to show there is always something yet to be discovered right at your door.

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