Finding the good things

tea cup

Every now and then we all have one of those days where one moment, one piece of news or one individual comment can completely ruin our day. It takes claim of the day, foregoing anything else and dictates how you feel about about that day’s events and furthermore, how you feel about yourself. Today I had one of those days.

We’re all susceptible to feeling inadequate; professionally, physically, based on our intelligence (or supposed lack of intelligence)  and even based on the lifestyle we lead. I think thanks to a combination of the aforementioned I had a huge old bout of feeling inadequate in the past…month and today it came to a head. So what did I do? I started by texting my friends and my family and moaning about yet another thing that didn’t go the way I’d hoped and planned for. And because I’d had this same attitude and approach to things for the past month or so there really was little left to be said to me. I was inconsolable and not in a way of being unable to speak through fat, heavy tears just the waves of positivity all my fantastic friends and family had been washing over me for some time now were going amiss. I was, frankly, down in the dumps and then today, I got sick of feeling that way.

I heard on the radio about a study that had recently been conducted which found that people who wrote down three good things often felt better and this was so effective they felt the effects within just three days of jotting down their daily highlights. This reminded me of what a group of friends and I would do at University where we would sit around together and each take it in turns to name our favourite three things that happened that day. So today, when I got home from work I decided to claim the rest of the day for myself. If I wanted to get out of this funk it’s only going to be me who was going to make it happen. I looked at my day, analysing all of the smaller details I’d normally dismiss as ‘positive givens’ and let them have their moment of appreciation. A positive given are those every day occurrences which happen and occur as standard and we tend to take them for granted. Of course we’re going to eat lunch and of course we’re going to expect having a hot shower but hold on there- my lunch was delicious, it was my first attempt at a naked burrito bowl – and my shower was extra yummy this morning because I’d been on a sweaty and humid walk the night before and was too lazy (and unhygenic perhaps?) to shower the night before so I used my best coconut shower oil in the shower this morning and it really upped my shower game.

Not allowing my one piece of bad news rule my day I want to take account for and find all the good things that happened today.

My parents have booked me and my fiancé flights to join them at the villa they’re holidaying in this September. We’re saving for our wedding so ruled out a holiday until the Big Day so this is an extra special treat we definitely couldn’t have afforded ourselves.

My best friend got a promotion at work. I’m so proud of all my friends, they all have really professional, interesting  jobs and I love to hear about their work. While I got some unwanted news today I could have been bummed about my friend doing so well and could have been jealous of her happy mood for my miserable attitude but I’d much rather celebrate her success as she does mine.

That sweaty, humid walk 3 mile walk I completed last night (and then neglected to shower from afterwards) I mentioned earlier? I walked the same route tonight, all on my own. I have an hour or so to kill each night before my fiancé gets home and while I’m on a bit of a health kick I thought I might as well take advantage of this new-found enthusiasm for exercise and get another sweaty walk in.

I got my period. Yes, an odd one I know but hey, it’s my body’s way of telling me ‘Congratulations, you’re not pregnant this month and your ovaries seem to be working swell.’

I got a confirmation email for an event I’m attending next week. I think I’m finally getting the hang of ~networking~ and knowing I’ve got an event to head to next week gives me something to look forward to.

When I was on my walk and listening to Deezer on Flow mode Walking On Sunshine came on. Basically, HELL YEAH!

No matter what your days throws at you just know that you can’t possibly have felt as miserable as I did to begin with today and yet I’ve been able to turn things around by finding the Good Things and not allowing one bad thing rule my mindset on things. So even if one day the only Good Thing you can muster up is what you ate for dinner that day, recognise it, let it have its place on your day as a Good Thing and perhaps take note of the recipe for another day, you never know when you might need it.





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