THE REVIEW: The Rocky Horror Show

There are two disclaimers I need to make before I offer my two cents on the stage production of The Rocky Horror Show. 1: I have never seen the show or film before so had very little clue of what I was getting myself in for (which explains why I didn’t come dressed in suspenders like most of the audience) and 2: I bloody love Diana Vickers.

For the very few people who haven’t seen this before, The Rocky Horror Show tells the wacky tale of newly engaged Brad and Janet (Diana Vickers and Ben Freeman) who find themselves in a spot of bother when they have car trouble and stumble upon the residence of Dr Frank’n’furter’s (Liam Tamne), the mad scientist and his servants.

It’s a cult classic film and has legions of fans which was made evident by the audiences participation in singing, dancing and conversations with the cast where they seemed to know every line. Despite not knowing the storyline nor the majority of the songs I thoroughly enjoyed myself and found myself time-warping over and over again. This production looked like such a lot of fun for the cast and crew too as the chemistry between all of the actors was great and Steve Punt narrating the performance was superb, he really charmed the crowd and gave as good as he got when the jokes hurled in from the audience. Like almost every performance I see at the theatre, this has left me intrigued and excited to watch the film.

So two round things up, here’s two things I learnt after watching The Rocky Horror Show; EVERYBODY in this production can SING. 

I was going to say it’s a lot like Marmite, in that you either love it or you hate it but after having seen it and being in that crowd, I’m certain in saying that you simply must love The Rocky Horror Show once you’ve seen it.

The Rocky Horror Show is playing now until Saturday 28th May at The Regent Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent. For tickets and visit or call the Box Office on 0844 871 7649.

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