THE REVIEW: The Rocky Horror Show

There are two disclaimers I need to make before I offer my two cents on the stage production of The Rocky Horror Show. 1: I have never seen the show or film before so had very little clue of what I was getting myself in for (which explains why I didn’t come dressed in suspenders like most of the audience) and 2: I bloody love Diana Vickers.

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THE REVIEW: Hairspray The Musical


The cast of Hairspray. Credit Ellie Kurttz (1).jpg.jpgYou know when you’ve seen a film but you can’t recall the storyline and would even be hard pushed to recall any character’s names but can still say that you enjoyed it and generally give it a thumbs up? Well that was my experience of Hairspray (2007, featuring Zac Efron for reference) up until last night. I went along to the Regent Theatre too see the stage production and I knew it was going to be good. But this was GOO-OOOD!

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The little big things


It is Sunday evening and I am soaking up the last few hours of my holiday before I return to work. I booked last week off with no plans, no actual holiday or destination to jet off to and no real reason for my work absence at all, expect to have some time to myself.

It has been the most joyous week.

I’ve written, read, eaten and done some wonderful things this past week and I’m really feeling refreshed and ready to get back into my routine. But before I do, I wanted to offer my own take on Emma’s “Small(ish) Things That Make Me Happier” which I just read and was the perfect little rounder-upper to my week off. (Is it just me who has to read something uplifting on a Sunday evening to set me off on the right foot?) So here’s my take on the small things which make happy.

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